Testimonials — See what our guests are saying about their visit to Dogs in Style!

While I’d rather be at home eating grass and throwing it up again, if I have to be anywhere else, I prefer to visit Dogs in Style. It’s close to home, and I’m treated like somebody special. Thanks Dogs in Style!
— Ebony
I can always count on Bob and Max to take me for a walk in the morning. Gotta have my daily constitutional, you know. Plus, you can’t beat the three squares and lots of great water. Then late at night, when the staff is gone, I can howl to my heart’s content!
— Jughead
I can always count on Terisa and the rest of the staff at Dogs in Style to give me a bath to die for. I mean, bubbles all over the place, a nice warm shower nozzle and a big fluffy towel. What more could a dog want? Just really leaves me smiling!
— Brutus
I can’t say enough about the way I’m treated at Dogs in Style! From the moment I come in the front door, I’m treated like royalty. While my owners think they’re on vacation, I can’t tell you how nice it is to get a break from their constant demands to “sit,” “roll over,” “fetch.” A fella needs a break now and then.
— Chipper
If I know I’m going to have a hot date, I turn to Dogs in Style to make me look like a million bucks. A snip here, a trim there and I’m ready to walk the red carpet, turn some heads and make some tails wag!
— Chester
When I have something that’s bothering me, I can always turn to my friends at Dogs in Style. I know I can pour my heart out and they’ll always listen. I highly recommend spending a few days there when troubles start to get big.
— Quentin