When the Construction Zone is just too much

Hey there.   This is Otto talking to you.  Recently my master decided to renovate our home.  He had this big bundle of drawings and he sat down with me one evening and said, "Otto, old boy, there are going to be some changes around here.  I'm going to knock out this wall and change that room and it's going to get dusty and loud and crazy for a while."

I licked the pencil he was holding.  Hmmm...not bad!

"So Otto, I know how much you hate loud noises so we're going to pack your bags, get your dish and let you go stay with Dogs in Style for a short time until I'm done."

I didn't know I had bags but as long as my supper dish was going along, it was all good!

Before long I was riding in our convertible, catching the evening breeze and on my way to some easy living.  Dogs in Style put me up in a roomy kennel, took me for walks, fed me my food and all in all gave me a few days of rest and relaxation.

Next thing I knew I was back in the car, got home and WOWSERS, the place had really changed, and for the better.  New furniture, painted walls, clean carpet!

Wow, all this excitement has made me need to go, let's try this new chair!