Just a Sleep Over

When Dogs in Style asked me to write this blog I have to admit, I was a little skeptical.  On a fairly regular basis, the people who work for me at my house (they call themselves my owners) decide they need to go away in the car for a while so they arrange for me to have a Sleep Over away from home.

Let's face it, most cats don't like to be taken away from their familiar beds and sent somewhere else to live; even if its for a few days.  Dogs?  Nothing seems to bother dogs.

The man who works for me picked me up one day and put me in his car so I knew something was up.  We were either on our way to the evil fortress they call "The Vet's Office" or we were on our way to Dogs in Style.

I can tell you I was a bit upset when I first got there.  I mean, here are dogs slobbering, whining, barking and performing all sorts of nonsense so my nerves were a bit jangled.  After a little while though, Terisa petted me through the cage, gave me food and my yummy treats that my employees brought from home.  Finally, when the goofy dogs had settled down, I was able to get some much needed shuteye.  

I'm not sure whether I'll retain my staff members or hire new ones but this much I know, if it wasn't for Dogs In Style, I'd have nowhere to go.  

I keep 378-5001 on speed dial just in case I need them and I recommend it to all my cat buddies.

Your friend,